Inflatable, rigidizing deployment for all spacecraft sizes

Astrix has designed a simple but highly effective deployment mechanism that unlocks the current constraints on solar arrays. We are halving the costs of current solar arrays and providing a plug-and-play system that is easily customizable, opening a secure supply chain in the process. This technology has been tested in space and is currently undergoing its final R&D for our first product.

Astrix’s novel deployment method makes surface area abundant

Our space tested deployment technology drastically increases the deployable area on spacecraft. The novel deployment method provides 20x the surface area and decreased mass.

Removing a major supply bottleneck

With the deployable area increase, we also offer the use of less efficient silicon solar cells, gaining the benefits of lower cost and faster production, while still being highly competitive on power generation.

Small footprint providing incredible power

An increase to surface area increases the maximum power density achieved by deployable arrays. With Copia, we can obtain up to 300 watts/kg utilising triple junction solar cells.